Traditional Real Estate Marketing Holds Firm Despite Pandemic

A recent broker survey found 41% of real estate pros used direct mail to generate listings and 24% used technology to find which sellers were most likely to sell.

AUSTIN, Texas –Real estate pros aren’t giving up on direct mail to market to potential sellers. Forty-one percent of real estate professionals recently surveyed say they are using direct mail to try to generate more listings, according to ActivePipe, an email marketing solution for real estate, which surveyed more than 1,000 brokers in February.

The real estate industry has mostly not changed its marketing strategies since the pandemic began, the survey shows.

Other marketing tactics real estate professionals are using are cold calling (10%) and homeowner association relationship building (5%). Five percent of respondents also reported hosting virtual events.

Further, here are some of the most common ways real estate professionals said they were trying to generate more listings:

*41% reaching out to homeowners living in sought-after neighborhoods

*24% using technology to determine which sellers are most likely to sell

*5% connecting with new housing developers

*2% targeting for sale by owner listings

As for the technologies they most often turn to for better outreach, real estate pros cited social media marketing, email marketing, and customer relationship management systems for organization and contact management.

Source: ActivePipe (2021)

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